WTF is Proof of Stake?

In my last article I talked about proof of work, the most well known consensus mechanism used in the Bitcoin blockchain, as well as many others. You’re probably rolling your eyes at ANOTHER jargon acronym, but don’t worry, proof of […]


WTF is Proof of Work?

‘Proof of work’ is one of the terms used to describe the process miners use to build a blockchain. Remember there are different building blocks in any blockchain? The process of adding each block into the chain can happen in […]

Read Listen Watch Learn

RLWL: 3 Blockchain books for 2018

Happy New Year!!! Going into 2018 I am starting a series called Read Listen Watch Learn (RLWL). This will be a curated list of things to read, listen and watch to learn more about FinTech. It comes from my learning […]