WTF are Zero-knowledge proofs?

Privacy and managing our relationship with data is critical to a functioning society in this era of hacks and data leaks. Zero-knowledge proofs are likely to have an impact on delivering control and privacy of data, so it’s worth knowing […]


WTF is Proof of Work?

‘Proof of work’ is one of the terms used to describe the process miners use to build a blockchain. Remember there are different building blocks in any blockchain? The process of adding each block into the chain can happen in […]

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Blockchain Pre-Party

Hi Cryptoblockchainers, We are blessed to announce our next meetup with apero as a pre-party for the FinTech Connect Live Conference. Save the date and stay tuned! Cheers, SwissBorg Team


WTF is an ICO?

What’s more of a bubble than Bitcoin? The phenomenon of the initial coin offering, or ‘ICO’, may qualify as THE bubble of the year. ICOs emerged as a major thing during 2017; in total they have raised over $3.6bn. The […]


WTF is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the second best known blockchain after Bitcoin. So if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a pretty big deal. Ethereum was developed by a global group of programmers including Vitalik Buterin and Dr Gavin Wood, and it first […]


WTF is Bitcoin?

This goes out to all the people who keep asking me if they should buy some bitcoin. Do you know what bitcoin is? It’s my aim to answer all your burning questions on bitcoin before you go and pour all […]


Part II: Mining and the Chain

Let’s delve further into the workings of blockchain. We learnt about blocks last time – but what about the chain? The hashing concept is still all-important for the way blocks get added to the chain and then spread (‘distributed’) around […]


WTF is Blockchain?

Heard about this blockchain thing? Most likely you have, in bits and pieces from the internet/colleagues/your Uber driver last Saturday (when no one was in any state to be talking complicated tech). If you’re wondering what blockchain is all about […]